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We are Novem & Knight

We are Jason and Samantha.

Allow us to introduce ourselves and before I get started, I want to explain that this blog will be written in a slightly different, more casual manner than everything else on the website. It is here to give you a deeper look into the company but also to everything that goes into making the company, people we meet along the way and fun things that happen behind the scenes.

I’m Samantha (usually people call me Sam or Sammi) and I have been a full-time blogger and Youtuber for around 6 years. I studied fashion styling at university, got fed up with the lack of creative control within the course and decided to create a blog and a youtube channel where I could talk about anything I wanted and share my personal style with the world.

My weight has fluctuated over the years and I have had my struggles with fitting into clothes, with being told what I should ‘not’ wear because of my shape and over time I knew that the items that I felt the most comfortable in were my quality, stylish basics. The basics that made me feel good, comfortable and put-together and then I would add my own flare on top of that. That was my first mission while designing for Novem & Knight and i’m looking to go on and on from there.

Jason is my partner, he is the drive behind Novem & Knight, he sees over every little detail to do with the company and will not allow for any shabby results within the clothing, wanting them to be of the highest quality. (He is also a very lovely guy - but I’m biased of course) Jason, like me, has always been a creative person and he has always had an eye for quality. He likes a certain fabric within his personal style, a certain cut and aesthetic.

Jason worked in property after being in education and enjoyed the job thoroughly but always craved something more creative, something he could have more control over, a business.

So after we met, with me being style-obsessed and wanting to have something of my own too and something that I could share with my audience, while driving home one night around a year and a half ago we came up with the idea of running a clothing company together…and here we are!

Both of us have been learning as we go along, it has had its major challenges, late nights and endless phone calls. It’s also had great advances and has leapt forward at times with the help of some amazing people who have been willing to help us along the way.

We feel that the world is our oyster and we are tremendously excited to bring you so much more from the brand, Our main goal is to create great quality clothing that you will feel good in, that will bring you confidence and that will last you. I’ll stop there for now, hopefully you’ve gotten to know us a little better!

Keep an eye on the blog for behind-the-scenes posts, photo diaries, interviews, general thoughts and a look at what is inspiring us in the moment. We will also share travel and we can use this blog as a forum to answer some of your questions too.

Let us know what you’d like to see here and we’ll try to give it to you.
Thanks for visiting!
Sammi x
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